Water Heating System

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An extremely durable, portable, and efficient heating system that recirculates water into the Hydro Hammock and is an instant outdoor hot shower. Equipped with a shower nozzle, an on demand propane water heater and rechargeable battery and all the hoses needed to get started. The Hydro Heater™  portable water heating system can supply hours of hot water.

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Ships in 4-6 weeks

The Hydro Heater is for people who actively pursue an outdoor life and want to increase their comfort and health.  The heater supports users wanting a shower in areas where access to hot water is not possible or difficult.    We’ve improved just about everything in it to make one of the most portable, water resistant, and efficient systems available.  We’ve improved the water resistance and added a battery level indicator as well as external battery charging cables, so you can carry a second rechargeable batter.  It is a durable, extremely efficient heating system that heats and recirculates water into the Hydro Hammock and will be compatible with upcoming Hydro products.

We’ve been using the heater to fill our raft and create a huge 4-6 person hot tub while on remote wilderness trips!  Pretty sweet river side hot tub under the stars!

Here’s the kicker…it also rocks as a portable hot shower.  It comes with all the hoses and an elegant shower head/ hose which allows it to stand on its own as a portable hot shower.  Imagine trips the beach, remote mtn. biking trip, hiking, glamping…now imagine a hot shower in that same scene.  Nice Huh?

Equipped with a shower head and hose, an on demand propane water heater and rechargeable battery, the Hydro Heater™ – Portable Water Heating System can supply hours of hot water.

*Liquid Propane Gas Tank Not Included.

Ships in 4-6 weeks

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Weight66 lbs
Dimensions35 x 24 x 18 in

3 reviews for Water Heating System

  1. 5 out of 5

    I bought the heater for my back yard. I take showers and used it to heat my wooden bath I built. It gets hot really fast. I’ve taken it with me on beach trips and use it to shower off after surfing. Just bring about 5 gallons of fresh water.

    Be careful with the water because it gets hot!!!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Bought this for me and my husband he suffered from chronic back pain unfortuanly he passed away before he got to us this things a lifesaver after working in a warehouse taken 27,985 steps by noon with two torn meniscus the heat of the water is super amazing can’t wait to get straps to hang it in the trees would love that

  3. 5 out of 5

    This heater is a game changer. Period. I’ve taken showers at the beach, filled up my raft as a Hot Tub. I keep it in the back yard for an outside shower most of the time. Then it goes with me on camp trips!

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