Roa 30″ Hammock Spreader Bar

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The Roa Spreader Bar creates a wider and flatter shape to the Hydro Hammock™ giving it more open and spacious feeling.  Although the original spreader tubes that comes with the Hydro Hammock™are spacious and comfortable, the Roa Spreader Bars take it up a level.  It is made from tropical hardwood and 4000 lb webbing for a strong and durable look and feel.

The Roa Spreader bar is wide like the Tahitian word it is named for “wide”.  Simply remove the included spreader tube, slide the Roa Spreader Bard through hammock sleeve and attach the looped ends to your anchor.  That simple!

30 in. (76.2 cm) width.  Make the Hydro Hammock™ even more comfortable, especially for two!

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The Roa Spreader Bar has been designed to widen the spread of the weight of the Hydro Hammock™ and will hold 750 lbs. and then some.

Easily installs and replaces the spreader tubes that come with the Hydro Hammock.  It takes the comfort up a notch and makes the Hydro Hammock more of a Caribbean style Hammock!


30 Inches Long
Comes with pre-installed straps
Color – Black Strap / Wooden Bar
It fits in the Hydro Heater Case!

Roa is the Tahitian word for wide!  Get wide and get comfortable in your Hydro Hammock!

Ships in 7-14 days!