Kauloa Hammock Straps – 22kn / 4000 lb. capacity – Hydro Hammock™

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We’ve designed an easy to use strap for hanging the Hydro Hammock™ that will make setting up the Hydro Hammock™ a total breeze.  It has bomber climbing construction with 22kn rating holding 750 lbs. and then some.

The Kauloa Strap is super strong like the “ebony tree” it is named for.  Simply find a worthy tree or anchor point wrap the strap around it, pull it through the loop and you’re done.  That simple!

Designed with 8 in. (20cm) adjustment points so you can get just the right height. Comes in 9 and 12 foot lengths.  (274 / 366 cm)

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The Kauloa Hammock Strap Set has been specifically designed for supporting the weight of the Hydro Hammock™ and will hold 750 lbs. and then some.  It has its roots and construction from the technical climbing world and 22kn load rating (4000lbs.)

Simple to use, easy to store, no buckles or cams to stress or break.  Soooo easy!


Comes in a set – 1 Set = 2 Total Straps
Length – 9 foot and or 12 foot lengths (274 / 366 cm)
Strength – 22kn or 4000 lbs. of static (resting) load
Color – Black
Adjustment Points-  8 inch (20cm) adjustment points for easily getting your hammock just right!

Kauloa is the word for a species of super burly Ebony tree found in the South Pacific.

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Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions6 x 4 x 4 in
Choose Length

9 feet – 274 cm., 12 feet – 365 cm.

2 reviews for Kauloa Hammock Straps – 22kn / 4000 lb. capacity – Hydro Hammock™

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    5 out of 5

    If you buy the hammock, buy this. Saves about 15 minutes to setup over other straps I used. I bought it as an afterthought. Would of bought it with hammock if I’d known how easy it would make setup.

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    5 out of 5

    no brainer. only strap out there that holds this much weight and is easy to adjust. does what it says.

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