Bula – Deluxe Hydro Hammock™ Bundle – Pre-Order June 2017

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2017 Hydro Hammock™ and 2017 Water Heater.

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PRE-ORDER the NEW – 2017 Hydro Hammock™ & Water Heater / Shower – Revolutionary patented design,  updated for 2017.  Pre Order will Ship by June 30, 2017

The Bula Hydro Hammock™ Bundle is the bomb!  Use is as a hot tub, waterbed, hammock or use the portable shower on it’s own.  Simply put, the most luxurious and rewarding thing you can add to an outdoor experience.  Shower after a surf session, take it along on the family camping trip, set it up in the back yard and try to wipe that grin off your face!  There’s no reason the outdoor or backyard experience shouldn’t end with an epic hot Hydro Hammock™.

Why the Bula? The Hydro Gateway!

The Bula differs from the Watui (Single Layer) in that it can be filled up as a Hot Waterbed.  And this is a game changer!  Imagine sliding into a hammock hot waterbed.  Warm water beneath a soft supple canvas, suspends your body in semi-weightless, body wrapping hug! Enjoy with a warm blanket and a good book!  Anyone questioning the benefits of the Hydro Hammock™ is hooked after experiencing this!

Additionally, the two layers can be opened to add insulation for extremely cold climates, beach and snow hot tubbing!

The Portable Shower: 

The Hydro Heater / Shower is a portable shower that can recirculate and heat the water within the Hydro Hammock™.   Well, that’s not it…hot showers are now available whenever, wherever!!!  Camping,  back country, back-yard, see if you can come up with a new one!

This order will be shipping by May 23, 2017.    We completely sold out of our April Orders and we anticipate the available inventory to go fast.

Pre Order will Ship by June 30, 2017

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