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YES! We have created the strongest steel hammock stand on the market that will hold up to 800lb. It breaksdown for storage and trasnport and is perfect for balconies, backyards and beyond.  Learn more about the Hydro Stand Here!

WEIGHT: Our hammocks are rated to hold 750 lbs. including water and people.

Users must provide and maintain adequate anchor points and material to secure the hammock based on the weight.
(i.e. rope, chain, cable, webbing )

Both the Bula 2 Layer hammock and the Watui (single layer) hammock are identical in size and hold approximately 80 Gallons of water without people.

Once a person gets in water with 80 Gallons will spill out and displace some of the weight.


Water = 8.34 lbs per Gallon.

Multiply 8.34 x Gallons= Water Weight.

Human Weight + Water Weight = Total Load (must be less than 750 lbs.)

We recommend 40-45 gallons of water for use as a Hot Tub and 20-25 gallons of water use in the Bula as a Hot Waterbed.

The Battery is a Sealed Lead Acid 20AH 12 volt rechargeable. 7 x6.5 x3″ 12lbs.
Good for 2-3 hours use depending on ambient temperature and other factors.
The included smart charger can charge the batter in 3 hours or less.

Note: that continual use is rarely needed. Typically, you will need to run the pump ( battery) for 30-45 minutes to heat up the Hydor Hammock. Then you can shut it off to save battery and avoid overheating the water.

Every 20-45 minutes you can run the pump (battery) for 10 minutes to heat the water back up to desired temp.

Ambient Temperatures will dictate times.

It would have to really freezing outside.

The Bula Hydro Hammock with the heater system (not including gas or water) is 73lbs. The Bula will fit into the Hydro Heater case for travel.

– Bula weighs 14 lbs

– Watui is 11.5 lbs.

– Heater with the hoses is 60 lbs. Dimensions are 35x23x14 inches.

The Hydro Hammock™ ships loosely in boxes 24x12x8. They can be packed tighter but we recommend storing them as loos as possible for longevity.

Yes. The Hydro Heater is just as rad as a portable shower as it is a heating system for your Hydro Hammock™. We supply you with a shower head too!

Simply attach to your propane tank, attach a garden hose from your city water source, or use a bucket, river, lake or whatever and use the provided inflow hose to pump the water!

With the city water / garden hose method you don’t need to use the pump (battery) just the propane. This is really cool in the backyard!

Our heater system is an on demand heater. The water is instantly heated and it comes out quite hot. This does depend slightly on the original temperature of the water.
We are now shipping orders in 2-3 weeks. We have grown the business organically and have focused on building a product that we are proud of rather than making the most profit we can and pumping things out. Be assured that we hand make every product and each one is tested by us in our factory in Oregon, USA.

The material has excellent UV resistance. We recommend taking the hammock down, drying it and storing it in a dry location when not in use. We have left the Hydro Hammock™ outdoors for weeks at a time with no problem.
However, UV rays will decrease the life of your hammock.

The waterproof material is excellent and the hammock can be folded and stored many times without damaging the material.

We recommend cleaning the hammock as instructed before storing for long periods. With proper care, the Hammock will continue to be the center of your outdoor relaxation for years to come!

During use, the water heater only operates with water flowing through it and self ignites by two D batteries located on the bottom of the component. The pump can be switched off by either closing the water valve in the hammock, or flipping the switch. Both options safely shut off the propane usage.

For storage, it is recommend to manually turn off your propane tank and disconnect it from the heater system.

Hand wash in warm water and ild detergent . Rinse.

Rinse thoroughly after salt water exposure.

DO NOT bleach. DO NOT machine wash.

Allow hammock to completely dry before storing for more than a day or 2.

The Hydro Hammock comes in its own storage bag.

To unpack simply lay the hammock out on a clean surface, unfold and hand from the supplied carabiners or other adequate device.

When done empty water, hang to dry and store in the bag. We recommend completely drying the hammock before storing for long periods.

Yes. Currently we are shipping outside the US>.

Please simply add product to your cart and select shipping calculator to get shipping rates. If your region is not listed, we cannot ship to you. email: [email protected]

The system is run on Propane. The pump uses a 12V battery for water recirculation and when using a non pressurized water source.

Additional and spare batteries can be used easily with battery accessory clamps included.

The system charges off of 110 V smart charger that can be connected to an inverter or generator, either gas or solar.

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