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– Buzz Feed’s #1 “Most Ridiculously Awesome Product of 2015” –

The Hammock Hot Tub

“..the first time I laid down into it, I was shocked at how amazing it was. Just think of hanging in air, with the hottest water you can stand enveloping you, as you look out over a stunning city view. It really is the perfect combination. –

The Hydro Hammock is a new world of comfort and enjoyment. You can now have a hammock and a bath in one. The revolution of this is efficiency, portability and comfort as never before. Game changer or just new luxury? You make the call. Made from waterproof high-tensile strength marine quality canvas. You may now bath anywhere in unsurpassed comfort.

Enjoy indoors, outdoors, even on the beach with fresh or ocean water and the ability to fully stretch out. The Deluxe model is two layers allowing an insulation pad or to suspend as a Hammock Water Bed. Water Heating System separate. Be one of the first to have this.

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